About brand

Blikvanger is a Georgian brand established in Tbilisi, Georgia. The brand was founded in November 2016. Since 2017 Blikvanger collections are present on MBFWT runway. The brand has also participated in MBFW Madrid and Fashion Week Poland, featured their collections in Pitti Super showroom in Milan and Who’s Next trade show in Paris as well.

The name – Blikvanger is a German-Dutch word meaning eye-catcher, memorable. The word also means a butterfly catcher.

The concept and meaning of the brand is to bring together a variety of styles and make them blend into one concept – being fierce and confident. Blikvanger gives its customers a chance to express their inner world as much as possible and to dress out of frame, it seeks to unravel the multidimensional personality and diverse temper. However, in its style, Blikvanger always catches a perfect balance between “normal” and “out of frame”.

Blikvanger is to dare, have fun, be fun, be confidently cool, be risky, enjoy life!